A Collection of Parametrically Designed Furniture that Reinterprets the Woven or Skeletal Style.
Team Roles
Davide Zhang: Research, Ideation, Parametric Design, Rendering, AR Visualization
Zinan Chi: Research, Ideation, Parametric Design
Type: Parametric Design Project

Time Frame: April 2021 - May 2021

Keywords: MathCAD, Parametric Design, Furniture, AR, 3D Render
W I R E F R A M E is a furniture collection consisting of a chair, a lounge chair, a lamp, and a stool. Their forms are derived from a set of equations and refined through a parametric process.
The formal language draws inspiration from traditional woven and skeletal designs like the Rattan Chair. It seeks to be in dialog with this style.
Parametric Process

We adjusted the parameters of a given set of equations to explore the formal potential of different iterations.

The Collection
Joint Studies
AR Visualizations

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