Research Project
Space Typology Study and Parametric Design
2018.7 - 2018.10

Team: Davide Zhang, Xue Chen
Role in Team: Preliminary Conceptual Research, Parametric Design, Technical Drawings and Architectural Representation, Physical Model
Based on a comparative analysis on S. Zaccaria and S. Carlo alle Quattro Fontane for the seminar Early Modern Architecture 1400-1750, this project builds upon the thesis, spatializes it and parametrizes the process. Specifically, the two buildings, despite their stylistic and contextual differences, are united by the same tension between an architecture-centric philosophy and the challenge of this order by art. Therefore, this project investigates the potential of parametric forms translated from arguments rooted in architectural history. Through a series of transformations and Boolean operations, the results feature a variety of continuous surfaces that divide the space. This interplay between solid and void offers many possibilities in terms of programming.

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