Curious about the upcoming weather? Just look up!
Team Roles
Davide Zhang: Ideation, Technical Pipeline, Scripting, Prototyping
Aria Xiying Bao: Ideation, UX Design, Animation
Type: AR Prototyping Project

Time Frame: Jan 2022

Keywords: AR Foundation, Unity, Lightship ARDK, ARKit
Look Up is an AR prototype imagining the future of weather forecasts. It utilizes Niantic's Lightship ARDK depth estimation and occlusion capabilities to allow the user to check the upcoming weather by simply looking up to the sky.

Virtual clouds float in the sky to indicate cloudy weather in the next hour

Water bubbles float in the sky to indicate the chance of rain

Virtual lightning and clouds to indicate an imminent thunderstorm

We also explored with a surreal moon to indicate sunny weather at night (prototype filmed during the day)

A surreal sun to forecast sunny weather

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